The Iridium Go! Satellite WiFi Hot Spot is in Australia!

And what a great idea this is.  Imagine being able to create a WiFi hot spot anywhere in the world!  Really!  If you can see the sky, you can fire up the Iridium Go! and create a safe and secure wireless hot spot.   How cools is that?

We congratulate Iridium in outthinking the competition and coming out with a brilliant idea that was overly needed.  So while satellite competitors are busy reinventing satellite phones, Iridium pops up this little guy that allows you to use YOUR mobile phone!  No extra baggage to carry, and no extra batteries to charge.  Not only ... but you can also serve four more devices simultaneously.   How popular are you going to be?  

The beauty about the Iridium Go! is that if you are a member of a club that travels and treks in remote areas you can also share the cost of the unit and the connection. 

The Iridium Go! Satellite WiFi Hot Spot is really a cool satellite communication device.  We expect to sell thousands.  Certainly, I will have an Iridium Go! for myself.  I travel often through outback Australia and I have been waiting for someone to invent the Iridium Go! for years.

Naturally, as always, we are now working with our partners and suppliers of air time to make sure we get you the best possible deal.  :-)

Iridium Go

 The Amazingly Iridium Go! WiFi Satellite Hotspot

  • Compact

  • Tough

  • Reliable Satellite Hub

  • Economical (we can offer you amazing deals)

  • Easy to use (set up your satellite WiFi hot spot fast and with the minimum of fuss.) We promise you will not have to learn a new language in order to use the Iridium Go!.  

  • Download and install the free apps to get awesome functionality.  If you can download and install an app on your mobile device, then you are fully ready and able to use the Iridium Go! Satellite WiFi hot spot.

Iridium Go! Satellite WiFi Hot Spot

Iridium is still the only true global satellite network provider.  We love the fact that the Iridium Go! is tough (military grade material) and it was specifically designed to be really easy to use.  If you see the sky, all you have to do is flick the antenna, fire up the free app (Apple or Android) and you are ready to text, e-mail and SMS.

View or download a PDF Brochure of the Satellite WiFi Hot Spot.
Prices vary.  Please E-mail us
Once again call plans for the Iridium Go! vary depending on your requirements , please E-mail us.  We value our customers and we will never suggest a call plan to benefit our financial interests.  We strive to obtain the best deal for you and this is a promise.
Download and view the Australian map for the satellite service coverage.
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A great interview about the Iridium Go! Satellite WiFi Hotspot's features with Josh Miner, the Director of Product Management, Land Mobile, for Iridium Communications.  Josh answers almost all the questions you may have about the Iridium Go! 



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Iridium Go! Satellite WiFi Hot Spot